Crush – 5 Lottery Winning Movies.

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Big money can cause big trouble.

To get everything at once is the desire of so many people. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving the goal. Sometimes even the most desperate players who devote their lives to trying to get a couple of millions in the lottery, and remain with nothing. However, there are those to whom fortune meets.

Lucky, 2011

Since childhood, Ben has had secret romantic feelings for the blonde neighbor Lucy. The girl did not reciprocate his feelings, because she was always attracted to wealthier men. One day the hero still manages to get her attention – thanks to a major lottery win. The girl immediately recovered from the recent breakup with her boss and rushed into the arms of a longtime admirer, not knowing that for many years he has been very shockingly compensated for his anger for unrequited love.

Lottery Ticket, 2010

Kevin Carson, just a guy from the black neighborhood, had bad luck most of his life. He never got a girlfriend, instead made an enemy of dangerous local guys. Justice had to triumph sooner or later, and that triumph caught up with the jackpot hero in the lottery.

The guy will finally get everything he’s ever dreamed of when he gets his hands on a $370 million win. But this task is simple at first glance because the yard on the eve of July 4 and all the offices will go on a three-day weekend. During this time, Kevin’s ticket may well please the hands of his neighbors or local hooligans, who suddenly began to chase him on the heels.

Popular rap singer Nicky Minaj claimed one of the roles in the film, but the role eventually went to Tierra Mary.

La liste de mes envies, 2014

Which one of us wouldn’t be happy to win 18 million in the lottery? And for the protagonist of the French tragicomedy “Sheet of My Desires,” such an event turned into a real dilemma. As the owner of a small shop, she lived on her own account and was content with a society of friends and family instead of ostentatious luxury. With the arrival of big money, she was afraid of losing the little joys of her life forever. The solution will suddenly be found by itself.

The film was just the third feature on the list of directing works by the writer and director Didier Le Peshor.

Villaviciosa de al lado, 2016

The main news that stirred up the residents of the Spanish town of Villavixiosa was that some lucky guy took a dump in the country’s most popular lottery. And the main thing is that the winner is one of them. However, he is surprisingly slow to appear to the citizens and come to win. The reason is that the ticket was bought in a brothel and it was announced to the public. What will the mysterious hero choose? Huge money or peace and tranquility in his family, so that the wife never finds out where her husband spends his leisure time.

For the role, which eventually played by Juliette Serrano, was originally chosen by the outstanding Spanish actress Concha Velasco. However, Velasco was forced to leave the project due to mismatching working schedules.

Doua lozuri, 2016

It is known that even the strongest friendship can not stand the test of big money. Such a test fell on three friends, heroes of the Romanian comedy “Two Lottery Tickets”. Not counting on anything, the comrades threw themselves equally to buy lottery tickets. In the end, one of them turned out to be happy. A series of circumstances led to the fact that the cherished ticket fell into the wrong hands. Now friends need to return it, trying not to get into a fight.

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