How to get successful to win the Jackpot.

Winning the lottery is unpredictable. You can play for fun and at the same time develop your skills and abilities, heading towards dreams of wealth. Talk about the psychology of achievement and Brian Tracy’s system.

Brian Tracy is a famous millionaire and motivational speaker. He is the first speaker to speak loudly, worldwide, about the need for special thinking, the correct setting of goals and their gradual achievement. He put his system into 12 points, by sticking to which you can improve your standard of living.

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It must be a strong emotion of desire to change lives and achieve something. The more you want, you talk about it, you think, the less your fears become and the more your desire becomes. It is important to understand the real stimulus – the true one, to distinguish it among others and to follow it.


It is necessary to develop confidence that your desire can be realized. Even when everyone around you is against it, and what is planned each time breaks down, be persistent in your dreams and never retreat.

Write down your goals.

An important step that most misses. Statistically, only 5% of people write down their goals. Do it as much as possible, pay attention to all the little things, add vivid descriptions. As long as you have not recorded your goals on paper, it remains only a desire, wimpy and volatile.

Make a list of benefits.

Write down a list of benefits that you will receive from achieving your goal. This is the motivation that will allow you to continue on your way. One or two reasons may eventually run out of steam, and 10-20-30 will each time inspire and give strength.

Secure the starting point.

Where you are now, what you have, and how you are managing it. In time, you will see changes in your environment, position, and so on. But in order to move productively in the right direction, you must correctly assess the starting point, analyze resources, skills and abilities.

Determine a deadline for achieving your goal.

Your goal must have a measure, otherwise you will not even be able to understand whether you have finally reached it or not. The exact time frame will help to keep it from spraying, making it faster to squeeze into the time frame. If the target is large, divide it into smaller ones, outlining the timekeeping.

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Write down future obstacles.

There are always obstacles in our way. There will always be circumstances that prevent you from making your plans. Some of them you probably already know and can write them down on paper, in your mobile phone notebook or in your computer’s widow file.

Identify a range of additional information.

It’s not for nothing that they say knowledge is power. English courses for a new project, additional methods of selecting numbers to win, modern marketing trends. Each will have its own list.

Make a list of people whose help will be needed.

In today’s world it is almost impossible to achieve something big alone. At a certain stage, you will no longer be able to develop or build capacity without outside interference.

“What you sow, you reap” is a law that works with equal force, as it did hundreds of years ago and today. By building good relationships, providing services, accepting and providing help, we are laying the foundation for many years to come.

Work out a detailed plan.

Get your business moving, not enough scattered details, single lists and a kaleidoscope of dates. Get all the pieces of the puzzle together, transforming it into a clear plan. All new information, refinement must be recorded on the checklist. Improve it, correct it and most importantly – use it.


And now you need to create a clear picture in your imagination of an already achieved goal. Every day scroll through this film in your mind. Imagine your life, see the details, immerse yourself in the senses. Build your thoughts as if you have already reached the desired heights.

Decide that you will not back down.

Perseverance is what is always needed to move forward. Promise yourself that you will not retreat, that you will be inflexible to the obstacles and temptations of fate. Gain self-discipline, prudence and firmness.

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Also, pay attention to a few extra steps: “How to make a lot of money.”

Reasonable attitude to finance.

This is not about making money, but about keeping it. Try to plan your expenses, not to live on credit and, if possible, avoid spontaneous purchases.

Most budget guides recommend that you set aside 10% of your income. Of course, if you have no credit obligations. In such cases, it is better to pay off the people and institutions you owe first.

Personal resources.

An important point about personal effectiveness. To succeed, you must remain energetic, efficient and positive in all conditions. This ability to turn even negative periods of life to advantageous positions. Doing this regardless of whether you work as a consultant in a clothing store or develop a personal brand in social networks, or maybe you are at the head of a company or a large holding.

The secret is not just a tight smile, but the ability to find places to recover their energy, to draw conclusions and keep moving.

Continuous development and self-sufficiency.

This step is a continuation of the previous one. It assumes full responsibility for his life, understanding his actions and making sense of his actions. Psychological maturity does not depend on our physical age. Some complain to the outside world, blame politicians and bosses, while others take matters into their own hands and change the reality around them.

It is impossible to achieve something without understanding responsibility and courage to take responsibility, take initiative and bring things to a logical conclusion.

The more points there are about you, the faster and better your achievements will be.

Solve the problems of other people.

What does it mean in practice? Your activity meets certain needs on a small or large scale. For example, supermarkets provide food and daily applications, a beauty salon helps you look beautiful and tidy, a cozy coffee shop gives you a burst of energy and calms you down, and lottery ticket sellers give you hope and a feeling of long-awaited victory.

Think about how much your business is good for your environment. How you can scale up your business and make it even more unique and necessary.

Find your calling.

It is not for nothing that they say that the work you do is the most rewarding. It is given easily and requires an overstrain.

Since high school, we have been offered many tests that are designed to identify your own talents and inclinations, make the right choices, and continue on the right path.

It is important to constantly work on yourself, to improve your skills, reaching an increasing level of skill.

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