Rules of the game

Balls of Keno

KENO rules of the game

“KENO” is an electronic interactive game, which is broadcast daily and broadcast on the Belarusian television. The game is played using a special computer system (SCS), which is registered in the State Register of Cash Summers and special computer systems.

Fixed winnings.

The winnings can be 50,000 roubles in just one bet. And the winnings are not divided between all those who guessed the winning combination. Each player-winner in “KENO” gets the sum indicated in the table of winnings. If you make, for example, 5 bets with the same combination and win, then you get your money prize five times. ATTENTION: The maximum possible prize fund of the 10/10 category is set at three maximum winnings. If you exceed the number of winnings indicated by the maximum possible total prize pool, the prize pool of this category is divided proportionally between all winning bets, taking into account the price of each bet.

Freedom of choice

In one game coupon “KENO” is essentially presented at once 9 games. The player himself determines the game category, game combination, the price of bets and the number of copies.

Chance to win the maximum. Circulation of “KENO” is held daily. Therefore, the chance to get a fixed win increases several times. According to the matrix of the game “KENO” with the formula 10/20/60, which is used in the Belarusian version of the game, it is assumed that every sixth bet will be winning.

10 is the number of prize combination numbers that a player must guess in order to get the maximum prize money for one bet. In other words, to win 50,000 roubles, out of 20 numbers of the prize combination you only need to guess 10 and place a bet of 2 roubles.

Also interesting is the fact that the chances of winning the Belarusian game “KENO” are much higher than, for example, in the European game. After all, the residents of our Republic will choose their lucky numbers not from 80, as in many other countries, but from 60 numbers.

In the game “KENO”, even without guessing a single number, you can win.